Virtual 92

How It Works

Track your real world activity in our step challenge apps

Creating a fun health initiative is a simple and cost effective way to engage with your employees and increase motivation in the workplace, as well as boosting mental and physical wellbeing. Get an added boost with achievements and leaderboards to help encourage some friendly competition.

Getting started takes a few minutes and we'll always be happy to help answer any questions you might have about the system.

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What type of organisation are you?

Charity Challenge

Big Team Challenge is an ideal opportunity to fundraise and engage with your audience as a charity

Corporate Challenge

An employee step challenge is a great way to motivate staff and increase employee wellbeing within your company

Public Sector Challenge

Exercise challenges are a fun way to boost your staff activity or engage with your community group

Walking around the world!

Would you like your own custom virtual route?

All of our exercise challenges use a virtual route that stops off at interesting and unusual milestones from around the world.

We've had a great response from our customers about the routes and how much they enjoy learning about somewhere new while they get out and about in their neighbourhoods or walking in the hills.

If you would like a route that is unique to your company, get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss this.